Spring Cleaning – How To Recyce Outdoor Gear

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For those of us who like to leave the road and take the trails, there is a pack for every adventure. As apart of our community mission to reduce waste and increase recycling efforts, we are sharing our top tips for recycling hiking and camping gear. So, before you throw out your boots, tent or backpack, ask yourself, can this product serve another purpose? Is there a recycling program I can use? With every donation and reuse of supplies we can collectively make a big difference in our world.  
Here are 10 tips and sources for recycling old outdoor gear: 

Donate –
• Check with national and local gear retailers in your area. There is typically a donation list of hiking and camping gear that they will accept for resale or distribute to youth outdoor efforts.  

• Gift your used gear to family or friends who may need or are interested in outdoor sports.  

• Nike Reuse-a-shoe program takes old sneakers and up-cycles the material to be used on playgrounds, courts and athletic playing fields.  

• Patagonia – if you own clothing from Patagonia that is beyond repair, you can mail in your apparel or drop it off at a store to be recycled into something new, or repurposed.  

• Local nonprofits accept donation of clothing, boots, books, etc to earn money for their cause. Look up nonprofits in your area for drop-off locations.  
• Many outdoor companies offer recycling programs. Contact the retailers or review their websites to learn more. Roll Dog Survival reuses cord materials to craft dog toys that are donated to local animal shelters. 
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Recycle, upcycle, and repurpose –  
If you can think of new ways to use old gear, do it! My go-to for ideas on recycling or repurposing items is Pinterest. Search the items that you no longer have a need for and get inspiration on how you could repurpose that item. 
• Torn tents can be made into grocery bags, purses, wallets, etc.  

• Old hiking boots can be converted into planters for your garden.  

• Snowboards and skis can be used as a swing seat, wine rack, fencing, shelves,... the possibilities are endless.  
dog gear and supplies for hiking and camping
Sell/Consignment –  
The internet is filled with options to sale items you no longer have a use for.
• Craigslist
• Facebook Marketplace
• LetGo App
• OfferUp App
• Yard Sales
• GearTrade.com
• Freecycle.org  
• Outdoor Consignment Shops
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